If you are not thinking strategically about your business and where it is heading then you are really not thinking. Growing/maintaining market ownership, winning new markets, changing your culture to align with your new goals – these things are constant challenges of business and require strategic positioning and timing. The Art of War is considered the leading text on strategy. 

The Art of War is a paradox. It is a text on how not to go to war – the greatest commander wins without going to war. The underlying philosophy;

• conflict is a constant in the business world but aggression is to be avoided
• we react to conflict in definable scenarios
• ‘taking whole’ keep the prize intact.

Know your strengths and capitalize on them while observing your competitors and acting only if their weakness is exposed. Winners position themselves where they will surely win and are mindful of those conditions which expose their competitors weaknesses.

The fundamental principles of strategy are the same for all managers in all times and all situations. Only tactics change – tactics are modified to the times.

• Strategy – ‘doing the right thing’
• Tactics – ‘doing things right’

Strategy is the focus at Head office and tactics begin with contact with the customer. 

My role is to facilitate the assessment and measurement of your positioning relative to your competitors right now.