Delivering Powerful Messages

Delivering Powerful Messages is a program designed to enable executives to be able to persuasively influence others to act.

The program combines data, exercises and practice in a mix designed for optimal skill development. The focus is on getting the message across, whether in one on one communication, meetings or formal presentations. At the end of the course, each participant not only understands why some messages come across better than others, and how to present to achieve pre-determined goals; but have also practiced new skills in the workshop and received unbiased feedback.

Learning Outcomes

• an understanding of the impact you and your team members make as presenters, what creates that impression and how to change it
• how to identify what motivates a particular audience and therefore how your message should be positioned in order to win 
• the ability to ensure that you achieve your objective when presenting
• a working model to structure thoughts and ideas in a way that keeps the audience on track and saves time in preparation
• how to turn information into persuasive information
• improved delivery skills – voice projection, eye contact, movement, gestures
• a deeper understanding of how the style of the listener influences effective communication
• how to use visual aids to enhance the message
• an understanding of your power base and how to capitalise on it